Brooklyn Bridge Park | Brooklyn, New York Engineering

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation (BBPDC), a subsidiary of the NY Empire State Development Corporation, is responsible for the planning and construction of Brooklyn Bridge Park. The purpose of this Project was to provide an above water and underwater inspection of the bulkhead between Piers 5 and 6 and the bulkhead at the foot of Pier 6 at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. The problem that was presenting itself was the bulkheads located on Pier 5 and 6 were deteriorating and several sinkholes along the Piers were being caused by fill being lost through the joints between the concrete seawall and original timber pile-supported concrete wall. The proposed roadway that would connect Pier 4 and 6 would never be supported due to these issues. A redesign concept for repair of these sinkholes and deteriorating Bulkheads was needed. Stabilization measures were also needed for the 360 Building before the completion of the proposed roadway.

E2PM was contracted by BBPDC through their construction manager Skanska USA Building Inc. (Skanska) as their Engineer, to provide a repair/redesign concept for the damaged bulkheads and sinkholes located on Pier 5.

E2PM provided engineering oversight for the redesign for Pier 5 and services included:

  • Value Engineering (VE) for the repair of the damaged bulkheads
  • Provided Structural Engineering Oversight for the stabilization of the 360 Building located near Pier 5
  • Evaluate the various options available to stabilize structure during demolition for reuse
  • Conducted monthly Soil Erosion Soil Controls (SESC) inspections for the project
  • Conducted all Surveying and stakeouts throughout the construction and excavating activities

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