Brooklyn Bridge Park | Brooklyn, New York

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation (BBPDC), a subsidiary of the NY Empire State Development Corporation, is responsible for the planning and construction of Brooklyn Bridge Park. The purpose of this Project was to design drawings and provide engineering oversight for the installation and construction of the spiral pool located on Pier 2. The work included pre-mobilization of all required materials prior to excavation, and all necessary stabilization of soils required to prevent soil erosion, given the close relation to the east river. The project would allow reuse of the deteriorated East River waterfront for public benefit, and to once again make the waterfront an asset for the City. This project will allow for water recreation areas for kayaking and provide opportunities to access the waterfront at sea level and opportunities for cultural recreation.

E2PM was contracted by BBPDC through their construction manager Skanska USA Building Inc (Skanska), to design and create all construction drawings as well as provide all engineering oversight related to the construction and installation of the spiral pool on Pier 2. Summary of the services conducted by E2PM for the BBPDC are listed below:

Provided Valued Engineering Oversight for the Phase 1 Early Works of Demolition and Construction.

  • Designed drawings for the Spiral Pool waterfront structure and Sound Dam
  • Prepared and instructed workers of all pre-excavation safety and environmental control measures
  • Provided the valued engineering for the removal of the high level platform on Pier 2
  • Provided Engineering oversight for the installation of Armorloc stone and Armor stone
  • Created all Construction Drawings for the project
  • Designed and Evaluated a Value Engineering (VE) study between Geotubes vs Sheet Piling
  • Provided various costs analysis for all construction activities such as stone quantities, Geotech tile, revetment mattresses and sheet piling
  • Conducted monthly Soil Erosion Soil Controls (SESC) inspections
  • Conducted all Survey and stake outs for the spiral pool Construction

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