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The Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation (BBPDC), a subsidiary of the NY Empire State Development Corporation, is responsible for the planning and construction of Brooklyn Bridge Park. The approximately 85 acre project, consisting of piers, upland and water area, would stretch along 1.3 miles of Brooklyn waterfront approximately bounded by Jay Street on the north, Atlantic Avenue on the south, Furman Street on the east, and the East River on the west, and would include Piers 1 through 6. The purpose of this project is to allow reuse of the deteriorated East River waterfront for public benefit and to once again make the waterfront an asset for the City and the region. The proposed Brooklyn Bridge Park would be a particularly valuable component of the City’s emerging recreational waterfront because of its high visibility, remarkable views, historic surroundings, strong adjacent neighborhoods, and innovative programming and design. The project would include active recreational facilities such as basketball, handball, and volleyball on Pier 3 and field sports such as soccer and field hockey on Pier 5; water recreation areas for kayaking; a marina; bicycle paths and greenway; civic lawns and provide opportunities to access the waterfront at sea level, and opportunities for cultural recreation.

E2PM is contracted by the BBPDC through their construction manager Skanska USA Building Inc. as their Engineer, to perform a number of different projects throughout the course of the parks development. Projects conducted by E2PM for the BBPDC are:

>> Provide Engineering Oversight for the Phase I Early Works Demolition and Construction of Piers 2, 3, and 5. Evaluated the structural stability of the post demolition structures. Stabilized the remaining Pier 2, 3, and 5 warehouse sheds.
>> Value Engineering (VE) study to confirm assessment of Pier 2, 3, 5, and 6 Warehouse Buildings.
>> Value engineering and design of Marine Facilities at the Pier #2 Spiral Pool. Evaluated the structural stability of sheet piling for seawalls and also evaluated the use of innovative geotubes to facilitate construction along the waterfront, to meet Army Corp permit requirements and NY state DEC.
>> Value engineering and preliminary design of innovative foundation and structural system for a 300 ft long Sound Dam to mitigate construction loads over existing subway tubes. Lightweight structural foam concrete was evaluated to reduced superimposed loads on the existing tunnels.
>> Design Build of Pier #1 and #6 Gatehouses with Landscaped Roofs.
>> Design of a 950 sq ft electrical substation and mechanical equipment room.
>> Structural Deign and Evaluation of the historical Boiler House. Performed structural evaluation of the Boiler House Chimney Stack and prepared structural drawings for the rehabilitation of the brick façade for the circa mid 1800 structure.
>> Property Condition Assessment of a 24,000 sq ft Building 50. Evaluated the roof system, and facades.
>> Investigate the feasibility of converting several structures within the Brooklyn Bridge Park from traditional construction to pre-engineered metal structures.
>> Pre demolition condition assessment of the 19th century Cold Storage Buildings, a complex of over 400,000 sq ft.
>> Vibration monitoring of New York Landmark buildings built circa 1850s (Tobacco Warehouse, #8 Old Fulton Street, Empire Stores, Pier #1 bulkhead).
>> Evaluated the seawall failures and sink holes along the waterfront area between Piers #5 and 6.
>> Structural evaluation of new lighted handrails for the granite steps on Pier I promenade.
>> Monthly stormwater pollution prevention (SWPP) inspections along the entire waterfront. Evaluated the impacts of sink holes on the SWPP permits.

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