Cinelli Waterfront Development | Lavalette, New Jersey Engineers

This project involves the development of a waterfront property located on the corner of a man-made lagoon and the bay in Lavallette, NJ. The property is regulated by the Coastal Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA) and development must comply with the Coastal Permit Program Rules and Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Rules. The subject property owners asked E2PM to help with the significant erosion their beach-front property was experiencing due to the strong bay currents and erosive waves from recreational watercrafts.

Prior to E2PM’s involvement, the property owner’s received a permit from the NJDEP to complete lagoon dredging and bay-front beach replenishment activities; however, significant erosion of the property has occurred since then. In October of 2012, the property experienced even more damage as a result of Superstorm Sandy. On behalf of the property owners, E2PM obtained an Emergency Permit from the NJDEP, authorizing the construction of a bulkhead, to protect and stabilize the property from the ongoing erosion, while the development plans were being finalized.

E2PM has worked closely with the property owners and NJDEP case managers to develop a stabilization plan that satisfies both the needs of their client, while meeting the regulatory requirements of the State. A combined application for a NJDEP CAFRA Individual Permit and Waterfront Development Permit has been prepared by E2PM and submitted to the NJDEP for review and approval of the proposed activities.

To stabilize the property, E2PM designed an approximate 80-foot long vinyl bulkhead that will tie-in to the existing bulkheads. A 10-foot wide splash pad was required on the upland side of the bulkhead, pursuant to the rules for properties located within the post-Sandy FEMA designated V/VE-zones that are subject to high velocity wave activity. Under-drains and weep-holes are included in the design to ensure proper drainage behind the bulkhead and splash pad. The development plans includes an approximate 40-foot long by 6-foot wide perpendicular dock.

Together with the NJDEP and the property owners, E2PM engineered a shoreline protection measure to solve the severe erosion problem while also maximizing the usability of the property. The owners can now enjoy their waterfront property in Lavallette without the constant worry of ongoing erosion and significant damage from storms like Superstorm Sandy.

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