Former Irvington General Hospital Redevelopment | Irvington, NJ Engineers

The property site is the location of the former Irvington General Hospital. The hospital occupied approximately 6 acres of property bounded by Chancellor Avenue to the north, Park Place to the west, Glorieux Street to the south, and Krotik Place to the east. Urban Builders Collaborative is planning on developing the site into a multi-story 770 unit residential complex. The project development will be phased over time, with the ultimate goal of developing three residential towers with internal parking garages. The redevelopment project will have a major impact for the urban revitalization of the depressed urban enterprise zone. The site location is particular well suited for redevelopment due to its proximity to major arteries like the Garden State Parkway. The business center of Irvington is a few short blocks from the site, and the property has easy access to major mass transit hubs and also Newark Airport. The site is also a short drive to Manhattan. For this project, E2PM engineering and design staff participated in the following tasks:

Subdivision: E2PM working closely with the Township planner, the project architect and the project planner, prepared the required subdivision documentation and plats. E2PM prepared the initial site property and topographical survey and translated this data to the required 6 lot subdivision, which accommodated the proposed 770 unit development along with restaurant, day care, and multi-level parking structures.

Site Plan Preparation: In accordance with Chapter 174 of the Irvington’s Township Ordinance, E2PM is available to support the design team in the completion of the site plans. Working closely with the project architect, landscape architect, site lighting consultant, and traffic consultant, E2PM prepared the required site plan drawings. Included in this phase is the design of the sanitary, storm, water, and firewater systems.

Overlay Ordinance Preparation: E2PM staff supported the project and the project professional planner with the preparation of the new model overlay ordinance that will be required to allow the proposed development for this site.

Stormwater & Sanitary Sewer Management: In accordance with Chapter 172 of the Irvington’s Township Ordinance, E2PM prepared the required stormwater calculations and drawings required to meet this ordinance.

Soil Erosion and Sediment Control: In accordance with the NJ Soil Erosion and Sediment Control (SESC) rules, E2PM prepared the required SESC designs and drawings.

Planning Board Approvals: In accordance with Chapter 197 of the Irvington’s Township Ordinance, E2PM’s project manager and engineer of record provided expert testimony at the planning board meetings. In preparation for the Planning Board Meetings, E2PM staff participated in numerous working sessions with the Township professionals, public groups, including the fire department, township engineer, etc. The project received major subdivision approval, preliminary approval on the site master plan, and preliminary and final site plan approval for the project’s first phase.

Local, County, and State Permits: For this project, the following permits have been identified: Essex County SESC permit, County Planning Board Permit, Curb Cut Permit. Specifically excluded are any NJ Department of Environmental requirements to close the open environmental issues for the site.

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