Sussex County Technical School | Sparta, NJ Engineers

E2PM was contacted by the architect to respond to a report of a heavily damaged structural beam at the school’s main gymnasium facility. In an immediate response, E2PM visited the school and documented the damage. A main glulam girder had suffered from dry rot due to water penetration over time and as a result had crushed upon itself at one of the end supports. E2PM reacted immediately and arranged for a shoring company to mobilize a temporary brace to shore the beam and prevent a catastrophic collapse. During this process E2PM recommended that this portion of the school be closed off to all but construction personnel.

Once the girder was secured E2PM investigated various alternatives to replace the girder and/or repair it in place. After an initial investigation, it was determined that the repair in place option was not only feasible but was the least cost alternative. E2PM identified a highly qualified repair company and assisted in coordinating a bid package that led to the repair of the structural member. In addition, during the repair process an investigation was made that inspected the remaining roof girders to see if any others were experiencing this condition. As a result of this effort, two additional glulam girder ends were identified as needing additional reinforcing and this work was implemented.