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Kearny Steel Container Corporation | Newark, New Jersey

E2PM prepared and submitted the renewal application for the Clean Air Act Title Operating Permit for the Kearny Steel Container Corporation (KSCC) located in Newark, New Jersey. Kearny Steel Container Corporation meeting the requirements of NJAC 7:27-22-Operating Permits; Subchapter 22 sets forth the requirements for obtaining and.

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Weeks Marine, Inc. | Various Locations in New Jersey
For over 90 years, Weeks Marine, Inc. has grown into one of the leading marine construction, dredging and tunneling organizations in the United States and Canada. Originally founded in 1919 as Weeks Stevedoring, the company has grown to serve markets throughout North America, South America, the Caribbean and the.
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Montclair State University | Montclair, New Jersey Engineers
E2PM reviewed and amended Montclair State University’s (MSU) existing Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan. Since the most recent update to the SPCC Plan MSU has constructed a new Cogeneration Facility and is proposing to cease operation at the old Cogeneration Facility, which includes the removal and closure.
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New York Terminals LLC | Elizabeth, New Jersey Engineers
New York Terminals LLC (NYT) in Elizabeth, New Jersey is a private company categorized under Anti-Freeze Compounds Manufacturers. E2PM was contracted to update NYT's Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) and Discharge Prevention, Containment and Countermeasure Plan (DPCC). E2PM provided the following services:
  • Task 1. Perform a data gap.
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Noveon, Inc. | Clifton, New Jersey Engineering
The facility has been owned by Noveon since January 2004 as a manufacturer of esters, amides, betaines, etc. for the personal care industry. The facility is located on 1.62 acres, of which approximately 19,000 square feet are buildings. The on-site building include the following areas: offices, process areas, diked.
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Cinelli Scrap Metal Inc. | Jersey City, NJ Engineers
Cinelli Scrap Metal Inc., operates a metal scrap yard at 275 Broadway in Jersey City, New Jersey. The site consists of approximately 1.1 acres of flat, generally unpaved compacted gravel area. It is bounded by a redi mix concrete batch plant to the east, a trucking company to the.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park | Brooklyn, New York Engineering
The Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation (BBPDC) is responsible for the planning and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge Park. The approximately 85 acre project, consisting of piers, upland and in-water areas, stretches along approximately 1.3 miles of Brooklyn waterfront from the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges to Atlantic Ave. The.
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Former Maxwell House Coffee Industrial Site | Hoboken, New Jersey Engineers
E2PM has provided environmental services for this Brownfield Redevelopment Project, a 24 acre site on the Hudson River. The project includes 1.4 million square feet of class “A” residential and commercial space. E2PM staff prepared NJDEP submittals including: Preliminary Assessment (PA); Site Investigation (SI); Remedial Investigation (RI); Baseline Ecological.
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