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Wireless Telecommunication Facility | Rockaway, NJ Engineering
This project is representative of a complete stealth concealment for a new wireless telecommunication facility. The stealth appearance is a false wall that was designed to blend with the adjacent structure incorporating a brick veneer wall and shingle roof. The back of the structure is an open structural steel.
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Wireless Telecommunication Facility | Newark, NJ Engineers
This project is representative of a new rooftop platform mounted wireless telecommunication facility along with stealth concealment of the antennas. E2PM performed initial site visits, prepared the lease exhibits, developed the structural concept, prepared documentation for zoning hearings and developed the full set of construction documents incorporating civil/structural, mechanical.
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NJ Transit Substation Electrical Upgrade | Summit, New Jersey Engineers
Through current and past affiliations, E2PM staff has completed many A/E and environmental projects for NJ Transit. Highly visible projects such as the Hudson-Bergen Light rail Projects. Specifically to E2PM, we were selected to provide electrical switching upgrades services to the NJ Transit, Summit New Jersey electrical substation. E2PM provided.
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Picatinny Arsenal ARDEC Safer Project | Jefferson, NJ Engineering
E2PM is prepared to start on a project for the Picatinny Arsenal ARDEC DETD to provide engineering and environmental services for the ARDEC Safe Armaments Facility for Energetics Research (SAFER) Project located in the Gorge Test Area at the Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey. The ARDEC SAFER Project consists of.
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