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Public Utility Industry Environmental Permit & Compliance Support | Various Locations New Jersey Engineering
Since 2011, E2PM has been providing Public Utility Clients with support on a number of tasks associated with various projects throughout New Jersey. Ongoing support has included the preparation of documents, applications, review of engineering drawings, code review, and ordinance review for applications for projects of varying complexity. These.
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Tennesse Gas Pipeline (An El Paso Company) 300 Line Expansion Project | Pennsylvania and New Jersey Engineering
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, a subsidiary of El Paso Corporation is currently increasing the capacity of its 300-Line to transport new natural gas supplies, including newly accessed Appalachian and Marcellus shale gas. The 300-Line Project involves the installation of seven looping segments in Pennsylvania and New Jersey totaling approximately.
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Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, Metro PCS Engineering Services | Various Locations New York & New Jersey
E2PM prepared National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Phase I documentation and permits for proposed cellular communication tower sites located throughout New Jersey and New York. Phase I reports investigated on-site and adjacent properties to determine if any environmental concerns were present at the site location. E2PM prepared environmental permits.
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