Nemeth Farm | Franklin Township, New Jersey Engineering

E2PM prepared Historic American Building Survey (HABS)- quality documentation for the rural farm complex located within a National Register-listed historic district as mitigation for the installation of a new wireless telecommunications facility. The initial Section 106 investigation entailed the identification of both architectural and archaeological cultural resources through the preparation of a Phase IA/B Cultural Resources Survey.

The documentation work included the physical examination of 11 structures for their construction history, architectural characteristics and significance; the consultation of primary and secondary sources to compile a site history; interviews with appropriate persons associated with the history of the farm; archival-quality, black and white photography; and the preparation of a complete report that was filed with the New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office (NJHPO) and local repositories.

The HABS documentation was prepared to represent the existing conditions at Nemeth Farm prior to installation of the communications facility, as required by a Memorandum of Agreement with the NJHPO. Now that Nemeth Farm is documented both visually and narratively, the farm’s history is preserved for all time.

In addition to the documentary mitigation, the communications carrier and E2PM worked together to design a non-functioning grain silo to house the communications equipment and antennas. The silo was a natural, sympathetic fit for siting the modern equipment on the historic farm.