Energy Services

E2PM delivers comprehensive energy services from inception to completion through our program management and technical services. Our broad range of project management services, coupled with our technical resources, allows us to thoroughly plan, develop and execute environmental/permitting, engineering/design, procurement, construction, and commissioning. Our program/construction management services provide the project controls clients require to manage their projects and provide banking and financing partners the information needed to track the projects status. These project controls include project scheduling, estimating, cost control, document control, risk management, compliance management, forecasting, asset management and owner’s engineering services.

E2PM can provide sustainable, low-carbon solutions that support energy security and independence and reduce greenhouse gases. By using the most current technologies, we help our clients develop comprehensive efficiency strategies to reduce energy consumption and renewable sources, improve grid reliability and cut emissions from fuels already in use.

E2PM helps developers and end users evaluate wind and solar energy options, navigate regulatory environments and implement wind and solar strategies from buildings and facilities to wind and solar fields built to deliver energy to thousands of homes and businesses. E2PM can provide energy planning, development, permitting, engineering and construction.

Services Include:

  • Biofuels
  • Biomass
  • Civil, mechanical and electrical engineering design
  • Cogeneration, distributed generation and renewable energy projects
  • Commissioning services
  • Distributed Generation
  • Energy savings performance contracting
  • Energy master planning
  • Energy efficient major renovation and new construction
  • Environmental resource studies and impact assessment
  • Facility improvement and optimization projects—heating and cooling
  • Geothermal
  • Hydro
  • LEED certification process management—new construction and retrofit
  • Lighting design and implementation
  • Ocean
  • Public involvement, planning and implementation
  • Preliminary project analysis
  • Preliminary engineering
  • Permitting
  • Project and construction management
  • Renewable Energy Strategy & Planning
  • Strategic environmental management
  • Sustainability consulting
  • Supply side energy analysis
  • Solar
  • Wind