Cinelli Scrap Metal Inc. | Jersey City, NJ Engineers

Cinelli Scrap Metal Inc., operates a metal scrap yard at 275 Broadway in Jersey City, New Jersey. The site consists of approximately 1.1 acres of flat, generally unpaved compacted gravel area. It is bounded by a redi mix concrete batch plant to the east, a trucking company to the west, Broadway to the north, and the Pulaski Skyway (Route 1 & 9) to the south. A large portion of the site is covered by a one story, 6,000 square foot building (50 ft by 120 ft).

The facility operates under a NJDEP Scrap Metal Processing General Permit and a NJPDES Industrial Stormwater General Permit. E2PM was retained to help the facility maintain compliance with the NJDEP regulatory requirements by evaluating the site’s current pollutant loading and designing upgrades to the site’s existing, yet limited stormwater management facilities.

Following a detailed site inspection, E2PM prepared several feasibility studies, which included options that would bring the facility into compliance with the applicable NJDEP water quality and stormwater management regulations. Through detailed hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, E2PM designed a stormwater management plan for the site that collects and removes suspended solids prior to being discharged off-site. Additionally, given the current industrial use of the property, E2PM evaluated and designed a site specific oil-water separator that treats the site’s surface runoff and possible spills from vehicles and equipment. The facility’s existing Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP) and Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan were updated to include the improved stormwater collection and treatment measures.

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