Kearny Steel Container Corporation | Newark, New Jersey

E2PM prepared and submitted the renewal application for the Clean Air Act Title Operating Permit for the Kearny Steel Container Corporation (KSCC) located in Newark, New Jersey. Kearny Steel Container Corporation meeting the requirements of NJAC 7:27-22-Operating Permits; Subchapter 22 sets forth the requirements for obtaining and maintaining a facility-wide operating permit.

  • Reviewed the existing Title V permit and identified all permit information that needs updating. This shall include; source identifications and descriptions, source operational and emission rate information. This also included new sources that must be incorporated into the permit and Administrative Consent Orders. All updated and new information was included in the permit renewal application.
  • Complete the permit renewal application in accordance with NJDEP Guidance – Applying for an Operating Permit Renewal in RADIUS Format.
  • Pollution Prevention Reporting – NJDEP requires evaluation of emission trends at 5-year intervals for major sources of VOC and NOx contaminants. Since KSCC is major for VOC this will be the only contaminant considered. This report utilizes existing monitoring data, as information reported annually in Emission Statements (NOx and VOC) and annual Release and Pollution Prevention Reports (HAPs). The intent of this evaluation is to better utilize the existing data by having the company, the public and the Department review major source trends periodically, as part of the 5-year renewal review and the public comment process. The Department requests that the facility-wide trends be presented on graphs for attachment to the public information document for the 5-year renewal. Annual potential to emit limits (allowable emissions) for VOC will be summarized for the last five years. Changes will be itemized for each emission unit (or process) with a potential to emit over five tons per year of VOC.

In addition, performance specification test protocol and carbon monoxide monitor protocol was prepared for the Drum Reclaiming Furnace.

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