New York Terminals LLC | Elizabeth, New Jersey Engineers

New York Terminals LLC (NYT) in Elizabeth, New Jersey is a private company categorized under Anti-Freeze Compounds Manufacturers. E2PM was contracted to update NYT’s Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) and Discharge Prevention, Containment and Countermeasure Plan (DPCC). E2PM provided the following services:

  • Task 1. Perform a data gap analysis with SPCC
  • Task 2. Perform a data gap analysis with DPCC regulations as per N.J.A.C. 7:1E
  • Task 3. Update SPCC and DCPP items based on the data gap analysis and site operations
  • Task 4. Perform site topographic survey
  • Task 5. Conduct site inspection with Professional Engineer
  • Task 6. Prepared Final SPCC and DPCC for New York Terminals

In addition, E2PM prepared the submittal of a Class D Permit application to Union County and NJDEP for NYT. NYT is the owner of record of the property with other tenants located in the City of Elizabeth Waterfront Development location. NYT was interested in finalizing the process of submitting the completed Class “D” recycling permit application for used antifreeze and oil. E2PM provided the following services:

In working with the City of Elizabeth, Union County Utilities Authority and the NJDEP the following steps were taken prior to submitting NJDEP Class D Permit:

  • Task 1. Initiate contact and meetings with NJDEP to address and resolve the Notice of Violation
  • Task 2. City of Elizabeth Approval – Obtain City of Elizabeth approval by receiving a letter from the Mayor or Council indicating their support of the proposed facility
  • Task 3. A key milestone for the project was to have the proposed Class “D” facility included in the county waste plans
  • Task 4. Submit Union County Inclusion Application Solid Waste & Recycling Enforcement
  • Task 5. Publish Public Notices
  • Task 6. Attend Public Hearing(s)
  • Task 7. Receive Approval from County and setup meeting(s) with NJDEP
  • Task 8. Finalize NJDEP Solid Waste Facility Application
  • Task 9. Submit Application to NJDEP

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