Newark Refrigerated Warehouse (Russo Property) | Brownfields Redevelopment | Newark, NJ Engineers

The Russo Property (subject site) is located at 299-301 Emmet Street, Newark NJ and occupies approximately seven acres. American Transformer Company previously operated facilities on the property directly to the north of the subject site. Historical operations at the site include Cooper Iron Works from 1908 to 1931 and Kingsland Barrel and Drum who operated a barrel and drum operation from approximately 1937 to 1996. A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was executed on April 1, 1999 for the subject site between Newark Refridgerated Warehouse (NRW) and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). A Preliminary Assessment Report (PA) dated March 30, 1999 was prepared for this property and identified several areas of concern (AOC). NJDEP issued a Letter of Non-Applicability (LNA) on July 20, 1999 and ownership of the property then transferred to NRW on July 28, 1999.

The PA identified 20 areas of concern (AOC) and recommended no further action for nine AOCs. As part of the preparation of the Site Investigation Report, surface soil samples were collected around the perimeter and through the center of the concrete pad and analyzed for PCBs. Contaminants at the site have been identified as a result of several site investigations conducted since 1999. Additional site investigations were conducted in June 2007 to delineate PCB and heavy metal contamination present through the site; to characterize the groundwater quality at the site; to characterize soil in a loading/unloading AOC; and to identify and quantify the presence of historic fill. Further, site investigations were conducted in November 2007 at the adjacent STACOR property to the north, to document offsite migration of the contaminants of concern.

Groundwater samples from temporary wells indicated the presence of BN compounds and PP metals in excess of NJDEP Groundwater Quality Standards (GWQS). Also present in two of the five temporary wells were low levels of PCBs, pesticides and VOCs. Based upon site investigations conducted at the adjacent sites, groundwater containing VOCs is migrating from the adjacent Dynamic Chemical Corp/Novick Chemical (Dynamic) site to the east onto the subject property. Groundwater from the former STACOR site to the north contains high levels of VOCs. The site investigation at the STACOR site identified PCB concentrations up to 242 mg/kg in site soil (more than ten times higher than any sample at the NRW site) and up to 295 ug/l in groundwater (more than ten times higher than any sample at the NRW site).

E2PM provided engineering and environmental support in a significant expansion of the Newark Refrigerated Warehouse operation, including the excavation of approximately 18,900 cubic yards of material stockpiled on-site for reuse. We prepared a Memorandum of Agreement, Soil Reuse Plan, Preliminary Assessment and Remedial Action Workplan. The redevelopment plan for the site includes residential use. PCBs will be excavated to 10 mg/kg total PCBs, followed by both engineering/institutional controls, i.e., a deed notice and site wide asphalt cap. The soil will be removed and transported off site for disposal and post-excavation sampling will be conducted. Both areas will be backfilled with stockpiled soil approved for reuse as a cover material.

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