Noveon, Inc. | Clifton, New Jersey Engineering

The facility has been owned by Noveon since January 2004 as a manufacturer of esters, amides, betaines, etc. for the personal care industry. The facility is located on 1.62 acres, of which approximately 19,000 square feet are buildings. The on-site building include the following areas: offices, process areas, diked storage tanks, warehouse, laboratory, outdoor storage areas, paved parking and access drives. The facility as an active spill control system. The on-site waste water is discharged to the sanitary sewer system after ph control, which ultimately discharges to the Passaic Valley sewer commission. Stormwater leaves the site via sheet flow and stormwater sewers that tie into the city stormwater system.

E2PM was contracted to review and certify the Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) for Noveon, Inc. The review was conducted based on the NJDEP Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Guidance. The SPCC Plan generally follows the NJDEP SPCC requirements and addresses most if not all the basic requirements of 40CFR Part 112.

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