Rider University | Lawrenceville and Westminster Campuses in New Jersey

E2PM was contracted to prepare air permits for both Lawrenceville and Westminster Campuses for Rider University. The following tasks were performed to satisfy the NJDEP Air Quality Permitting Program:

Task 1 – Emission Inventory Evaluation of Lawrenceville and Westminster Campuses

  • Visit each of the 34 buildings where potential air sources have been identified per the February 13th fax. (19 buildings at Lawrenceville and 6 buildings at Westminster)
  • Prepare a list of all air sources at each campus.
  • Compare to definitions of significant sources, insignificant sources and exempt sources pursuant to N.J.A.C. 7:27-8.
  • Provide recommendations of air sources needing a preconstruction permit and operating certificate as well as associated fees.

Task 2 – Assessment of Potential to Emit

  • Prepare electronic emission calculations for each air source based on maximum capacity and continuous operation.
  • Estimate total maximum potential to emit for each campus.
  • Evaluate whether either campus has a potential to emit greater than the allowable emission limits requiring a facility to submit an annual emission statement pursuant to NJAC 7:27-21.
  • Recommend methods to decrease each campus’s potential to emit below the allowable emission limits.

Task 3 – Preparation and Modification of Preconstruction Permit Applications

  • Prepare Preconstruction Permit Application or/and Modification to existing permits in RADIUS and all the associated supporting documentation for the submittal package including emission calculations, cover letter and certification form.
  • If needed, meet with NJDEP and/or to respond to their comments on the permit application.
  • Prepare permit renewal for existing boilers at Westminster.

Task 4 – Compliance Auditing

  • Prepare spreadsheet and forms for each campus to audit and track compliance with the preconstruction permit requirements such as monthly fuel consumption and visual emission inspections.

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