The Hertz Corporation | Multiple Sites New Jersey Engineers

E2PM provides regional environmental management and support to Hertz Corporation at their headquarters in Park Ridge, New Jersey. The Hertz Corporation is the leading vehicle and equipment rental organization in the world, handling approximately thirty million reservations a year. Hertz operates in 7,700 locations in 145 countries worldwide. Hertz subsidiaries include:

  • Hertz Local Edition (HLE), providing insurance replacements and car rental in neighborhood locations.
  • Hertz Equipment Rental (HERC), with more then 275 locations, providing contractors and local consumer’s tool and equipment rentals, sales and maintenance.
  • Airport Rent-A-Car (RAC), providing car rentals at on and off-site airport locations.

The following are descriptions of services provided:

: E2PM provides on-site due diligence support for the environmental division at the worldwide headquarters in Park Ridge, New Jersey. E2PM coordinates and manages Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments for numerous HLE, HERC and RAC rental and acquisition facilities throughout the United States and Internationally. Daily activities performed by E2PM’s onsite staff include:

  • Direct interaction with environmental, legal and real estate departments within Hertz.
  • Authorize projects and tasks and establish purchase order numbers.
  • Procurement and coordination with subcontractors assigned to various tasks.
  • QA/QC review of Phase I and Phase II ESA reports submitted by subcontractors.
  • Provide recommendations to whether Phase II investigation is warranted.
  • Project management, invoicing and tracking.

Phase II Sampling & Screenings: Based on the findings identified in the Phase I ESA, E2PM performs field screening of the subject property for possible soil or groundwater contamination. Soil and groundwater field samples are collected. E2PM then prepares collected samples for laboratory analysis. Upon receipt of analytical results, E2PM prepares report summaries with recommendations to the client on how any potential contamination identified may affect the project.

Asbestos Surveying and Reporting: During the initial site assessment of a subject property, E2PM identifies the presence and condition of any suspect asbestos containing material (ACM) observed. Asbestos screenings consist of facility inspections, collection and cataloging of field samples. Samples are prepared and submitted for laboratory analysis. E2PM prepares report summaries with recommendations to the client on how any potential contamination will affect the proposed project. If necessary based on analytical results, E2PM will prepare asbestos abatement plans and provide oversights during abatements activities.