The Muse at Grant Avenue Station | Plainfield, NJ

E2PM was retained by JG Petrucci to provide various site plan development and civil engineering services for the redevelopment of an approximate 5 acre property at the corner of Grant Avenue and South Second Street in the City of Plainfield, New Jersey.

Ground was broken for the $30-million housing and economic development project at the referenced Site called “The Muse at Grant Avenue Station”. This project is the largest mixed-use new construction project in the city in over 40 years. The multi-phase development will consist of the construction of a new state-of-the-art facility for ABC Supply Company Inc., a major wholesale supplier of building products, followed by the construction of a 5-story multi-family building comprised of 90 residential units.  The first phase of the development is the construction of ABC Supply Company’s new home, an innovative 44,000 square foot office and commercial facility that will allow the company to expand its operations.

E2PM was initially retained in 2015 to perform site plan development and civil engineering services for the project.  Required tasks completed by E2PM include the following:

Site Boundary and Topographic Survey:  E2PM was retained to complete the Boundary and Topographic survey for the proposed project site.  The survey included obtaining right-of-way mapping for the adjacent NJ Transit Railroad line and deed information on adjacent lots.  The subject property has been vacant since the demolition of the former industrial building in the 1980s, and consisted of building debris as well as piles of dumped material.  The existing varying topography presented challenges in mapping, but was integral to the redevelopment of the site.  Low level soil contamination exists at the site from the former historic industrial use of the property.  This created a unique challenge during the site plan development, as the team’s goal was to prevent excavation and offsite transportation of the existing soil material.

Initial Planning and Schematic Design Phase:  E2PM conducted a site inspection to gather relevant site data required for the site plan drawing package, which included an existing conditions plan, demolition plan, overall site plan, grading and utility plans, and traffic plans (for both the commercial and residential phases of development).  As part of the development team, E2PM attended several meetings with the City of Plainfield’s Technical Review Committee (TRC), which including city planning and engineering, department public works, police, fire, municipal utilities authority and the shade tree commission.

Land Use and Zoning Phase:  The project is located within a redevelopment area of the city zoning map.  E2PM provided a detailed analysis of the redevelopment plan and applicable land use and zoning ordinances.  E2PM helped prepare the application for Major Site Plan and Minor Subdivision to the City of Plainfield Planning Board and provided expert testimony.  After a couple rounds of comments, the architectural and site plans were amended, and final planing board approval was received in Spring of 2016.

In compliance with local and state requirements, E2PM performed hydrologic and hydraulic analysis for the design of the site’s post-development stormwater management plan.  The proposed stormwater management measures include water quality manufactured treatment devises (MTD) and an underground stormwater detention tank.  E2PM also prepared the SESC Plan for review and approval by the Somerset-Union Soil Conservation District and NJPDES Construction Activity Stormwater General Permit (5G3).

Detailed Design Phase:  E2PM developed the detailed engineering design plans for the proposed commercial portion of the redevelopment to receive construction approval from the City.  E2PM is currently working on the detailed engineering design plans for the residential portion of the redevelopment, which is anticipated to go to construction during the Spring of 2017.

Construction Support:  During the construction of the commercial facility, E2PM has provided construction support services.  E2PM has reviewed the construction documents and responded to RFIs.  E2PM has reviewed material submittals for approval.  E2PM’s surveying crew has set initial control points and limits of excavation, and continues to set site features as the construction progresses.