Public Utility Industry Engineering and Permit Support | Various Locations in New Jersey

Since 2011, E2PM has been providing Public Utility Clients with support on a number of tasks associated with various projects throughout New Jersey. Ongoing support has included the preparation of documents, applications, review of engineering drawings, code review, and ordinance review for applications for projects of varying complexity. These projects have included full substation upgrades and expansions, transformer replacements and upgrades, preparing site plans and required documents for obtaining permits for temporary construction trailers in support of ongoing projects, isolation barriers, HVAC equipment upgrades, foundation replacements, demolition and temporary mobile transformers.

As part of the ongoing permit support, E2PM is providing consulting services for the industry by identifying all permits that may be required for the project at the State, Regional and Local level, and review the proposed projects in accordance with the permit requirements. When long lead permit areas are identified they are discussed with the project team for design options that could be incorporated to mitigate the permit requirements to expedite delivery of the project.

E2PM provides the industry with engineering support in the form of site plan and construction layout and structural and civil design. E2PM routinely provides reviews of third party design documents for compliance with New Jersey adopted provisions of the IBC 2009 for compliance and conformance with NJDCA review standards.

E2PM provides reviews of regional Soil Erosion and Sediment Control (SESC) Plans and requirements as well as Storm Water Management Plans and associative recharge and mitigation designs.

E2PM provides support for the preparation review and coordination of all forms of land use applications including but not limited to local planning and zoning boards of adjustment, County Planning and Engineering Departments, Regional oversight offices, NJDCA and local construction departments.

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