Public Utility Industry Environmental Permit & Compliance Support | Various Locations New Jersey Engineering

Since 2011, E2PM has been providing Public Utility Clients with support on a number of tasks associated with various projects throughout New Jersey. Ongoing support has included the preparation of documents, applications, review of engineering drawings, code review, and ordinance review for applications for projects of varying complexity. These projects have included full substation upgrades and expansions, transformer replacements and upgrades, transmission line upgrades, foundation replacements, demolition and temporary mobile transformers.

As part of the ongoing permit support, E2PM is providing consulting services for the industry by identifying environmental permit requirements and preparing applications for specific projects. This support includes review of existing site conditions and identification of regulated areas on the property as well as conditions on adjoining properties that have the potential to impact a given project. This review includes regulations and applicability of provisions contained within the State adopted regulations that would allow the use of General Permits (GPs) to expedite permit reviews for a given project. E2PM’s senior staff has used their past experience to streamline applications and help projects to avoid the need for NJDEP permits where alternative options for equipment placement are feasible. Where no alternative designs exist, E2PM has worked with the client to minimize regulated impacts and use GPs, as opposed to more costly and time consuming Individual Permits.

E2PM has delineated wetlands, transition areas, flood hazard areas (FHA), top of bank, and Threatened and Endangered Species (T&E) species and habitat early in the project planning phase to better help the industry work through varying challenges and meet delivery schedules.

E2PM provides environmental monitors for transmission line upgrade projects as required under certain federal and NJDEP permit requirements for T&E species. E2PM supports construction monitoring for both federal and state listed threatened and endangered species. E2PM routinely provides habitat assessments for T&E species as well as monitoring plans and reporting.

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