Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, Metro PCS Engineering Services | Various Locations New York & New Jersey

E2PM prepared National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Phase I documentation and permits for proposed cellular communication tower sites located throughout New Jersey and New York. Phase I reports investigated on-site and adjacent properties to determine if any environmental concerns were present at the site location. E2PM prepared environmental permits to keep the project compliant with the NJDEP such as: Highlands, Wetlands, Coastal Area Facility Reiew Act (CAFRA), and Flood Hazard permits on a variety of sites throughout the State of New Jersey and New York.

The purpose of the NEPA studies were to address Federal NEPA requirements which include wilderness areas, wildlife preserves, endangered species habitat, historical resources, Indian religious sites and floodplains. Studies included field investigations, literature and record searches. E2PM assessed indicators of significance (factors to consider) in conformance with NEPA guidelines. Our staff can quickly determine if any resources are being impact by the project and work closely with the State Historic Preservation Office so projects are not delayed.