Construction Surveying

Pre and Post Construction Surveys

E2PM has developed comprehensive plans to assess existing conditions of structures that have the potential to be impacted by construction activities.  E2PM documents the external and internal conditions of the constructs of interest.  E2PM utilizes digital video recorders and digital cameras to document the condition of the structures immediately adjacent to or surrounding the subject construction site.  E2PM provides a summary report that details the entire monitoring program and the findings from the survey with photographs and written descriptions.  Each report includes recommendations (for our clients and/or subcontractors) provided by E2PM’s trained construction managers and professionals engineers.  Following completion of the construction activities, a post-condition survey will be undertaken of the structures. This survey will also include photography undertaken in the same manner as the pre-monitor baseline condition survey.  Further, there will be a report prepared which will evaluate the data collected and comment on the extent, if any, of damage incurred to the subject structures.

Construction Layout Surveying

E2PM is unique in that we have both qualified field crew and technical office support that are comprised of highly qualified personnel, all supervised and managed by licensed land surveyors.  Our field crew consists of personnel who are members of the International Union of Operating Engineers & Land Surveyors, in-house office technical staff consists of CADD drafters, survey technicians, and office surveyors.  E2PM has two (2) licensed land surveyors on staff.

E2PM has been successful in delivering a diversified array of land surveying services that include: Topographic Surveys, Utility Surveys, ROW Surveys, Settlement Surveys, Final As-Built Surveys, Boundary Surveys, and Construction Layout.  E2PM’s construction surveying personnel can also provide Digital Terrain Models, Horizontal & Vertical Control Reports, Engineering Base Mapping, and historic building Monitoring and Reports.

Industrial Hygiene Surveys

E2PM offers a wide variety of industrial hygiene services designed to identify, evaluate, and control unhealthful exposures to chemical and physical stressors in industrial, office, and outdoor environments.

E2PM Industrial Hygienists conduct air monitoring surveys to assess occupational exposures to varying chemical contaminants. Airborne contaminants of concern have included lead, dusts, asbestos, and molds.  All air samples are collected and handled in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), or other recognized and validated methods, and all sample analyses are performed at appropriately qualified laboratories.  All air sampling and monitoring instruments utilized are calibrated in accordance with applicable analytical methods and the manufacturers’ specifications, and all associated records are maintained at E2PMs office.  Our professional staff members also perform surveys to assess personal exposures to physical agents such as noise.

Upon completing industrial hygiene surveys and compiling the data, comprehensive reports are prepared to summarize the survey findings.  Such reports typically include background information; observations of monitored operations and work practices, environmental conditions, engineering controls, and personal protective equipment use, a synopsis of the sampling and analytical strategies utilized; a summary of the results data in light of applicable exposure guidelines (i.e. OSHA permissible exposure limits and threshold limit values, NIOSH recommended exposure limits, and/or foreign standards); conclusions; and, when deemed appropriate, recommendations concerning issues such as regulatory compliance, engineering controls, work practice modifications and employee training.

E2PM Point of Contact:
Gianmarco Ferrante
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