Insurance Support Services/Risk Management

E2PM’s Insurance Support Services/Risk Management Group supports clients with a wide-range of risk and liability management-related services, provided by staff with extensive experience and expertise in the support, management and successful resolution of insurance-related matters.

For site owners, operators and developers, E2PM’s Insurance Risk Management Group can provide the following:

  • Risk Analysis and Managementirm1
  • Liability Evaluation
  • Claim Management/Liaising with Insurers
  • Program Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Contract/Settlement Negotiations
  • Environmental Services and Consulting

For insurers, E2PM’s Insurance Risk Management Group can provide the following:

  • Risk Evaluation to Assist Underwritersirm2
  • Technical Review of Environmental Claims to Assist Claims Adjustors
  • Technical Claims Support (i.e. Liaising with Regulators, Attorneys, Brokers and Consultants)
  • Expert-Level Technical Support
  • Litigation Support
  • Environmental Services and Consulting


Combined with E2PM’s expertise with Brownfield Redevelopment of contaminated sites, the Insurance Risk Management Group is in a strong position to assist developers and property owners in managing their risks for their high-value projects or property portfolios.

For insurer’s, E2PM’s substantial risk evaluation and liability mitigation expertise, combined with its diverse in-house environmental consulting resources, provides a strong one-source opportunity for experienced underwriting and claims support for a wide range of environmental issues and scenarios.

E2PM Point of Contact:
Marianne Brody
Tel. (973) 299-5200