Ecological & Natural Resource Management

E2PM recognizes the critical challenges that private companies and industries face in assessing the environmental impacts of their operations, policies and economic decisions. We are experienced in assisting our clients to assess these impacts by reviewing both existing and planned environmental programs and projects and providing innovative analyses that lead to cost effective and environmentally sound solutions. We offer a full range of ecological and natural resource management consulting services to our clients.

Some of our threatened and endangered species work includes: Bog turtle surveys, targeted species surveys, rare plants surveys, habitat evaluations, general wildlife/vegetation surveys, vernal pool evaluation, and expert testimony.

Services include:

  • Baseline Ecological Evaluations (BEE)
  • Coastal Areas Facilities Act Permits
  • Ecosystem Restoration Studies
  • Environmental Assessments (EAs)
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Environmental Baseline Studies
  • GIS Based Natural Resource Studies
  • GPS Surveys (Wetland Points, Tree Surveys, Structures)
  • Invasive Plant Species Surveys
  • National Environmental Policy Act Screenings
  • NJ Highlands Applications
  • New York State Environmental Quality Review Act
  • Phase I & II Investigations
  • Stream Encroachment Permits
  • Threatened & Endangered Species Habitat Evaluations
  • Threatened & Endangered Surveys
  • Transition Area Waivers
  • USACE Permits
  • Vernal Pool Identification
  • Waterfront Development Permits
  • Watershed Management
  • Wetland Delineations & Permitting

E2PM Point of Contact:
Chris Lanna
Tel. (973) 299-5200