Christian Health Care Center Energy Conservation System | Wyckoff, NJ Engineers

Christian Health Care Center (CHCC) was founded in 1911 by a group of deacons from local Reformed Churches. Today, CHCC, a non-profit organization, provides a continuum of high-quality, family-centered elder care and mental health services. Elder care services include a 252-bed nursing home; a special care, 40-bed, inpatient nursing facility offering behavioral-management treatment; an 80-unit assisted-living facility, a 39-bed residence for independent seniors; and a complex of 40 apartments for independent seniors. Mental-health services include a full-service, 58-bed inpatient hospital for adult and geriatric patients, and its outpatient mental-health service.

The facility is located on a 100-acre campus, with several satellite buildings. The main Complex is served by a central heating and air conditions plane. The Carrier Corporation was hired for a multi-million dollar energy conservation and upgrade project. Key components of the project were a gas-fired micro-turbine, new chillers, cooling tower upgrades, and various upgrades to the central boiler plant. E2PM was hired to provide structural design engineering for various complex structural upgrades to the existing facility to allow the retrofit of the new energy conservation equipment. E2PM’s services included:

  • Microturbine foundation and support design
  • Structural design of new cooling tower
  • Structural retrofit of roof trusses to allow exhaust stack penetrations
  • Miscellaneous structural strengthening for pipe supports
  • Structural upgrade of masonry wall to allow for the erection of new chiller