Energenics Corp. Seabrook Farms Photovoltaic Solar Farm | Deerfield, NJ Engineers

Energenics Corporation is leasing property from Seabrook Brothers and Sons to build a photovoltaic renewable energy solar project. The multi-acre project is located adjacent to the Seabrook vegetable processing plant at Upper Deerfield, New Jersey. The site area is located at 85 Finley Road and occupies approximately 47 acres of the parent lot. The solar farm was constructed on undeveloped agricultural farmland. The area is L-shaped, with approximately 0.40 miles of frontage along County Road 630. The site was once utilized as orchards, possibly as early as 1931. Adjacent to the site area and located on the same block and lot is an active manufacturing facility that packages and distributes frozen vegetables. This property is determined to have been developed for manufacturing between 1977 and 1981. The surrounding area is primarily farmland, with undeveloped wooded areas to the north.

E2PM was retained to support the project by providing environmental consulting. E2PM performed a Preliminary Assessment (PA) of the project area as it pertains to the site operations, historic use and proposed future use. E2PM identified several Recognized Environmental Concerns (RECs). The project area was confirmed through historic sanborn maps and aerial photographs to have had been utilized as a peach orchard. Initial shallow sampling was conducted in accordance with the NJDEP Historic Pesticide Task Force document. E2PM identified lead and arsenic above the natural background levels and therefore delineated the horizontal and vertical extent of the contamination. The solar photovoltaic project was able to maintain construction schedules under strict health and safety monitoring. E2PM established a deed notice and a restricted use response action outcome identifying the area with fencing, ground cover, and signage to prevent exposure to human health and the environment.