Sunedison AT&T Solar Park | Cedar Knolls, NJ Engineering

SunEdison, LLC, is leasing the property located adjacent to the AT&T Corporation Facility, where they constructed a photovoltaic farm. The site is located at 80 Horsehill Road, Cedar Knolls, New Jersey. The property is approximately 18 acres in size. E2PM was hired to review the geotechnical engineering report and to design the supports and foundation for the photovoltaic flex-racks that support the solar panels. Each 33-ft. by 14-ft. flex-rack frame panel is supported by 3 self-standing helical piers. The flex-rack panel has a unique support frame that allows the panels to be supported by single helical pile posts. E2PM’s structural engineers designed a 4.5-ft. diameter helical pier with double 10-inch diameter helical anchors. E2PM also evaluated the results of the pier load test data and prepared the required municipal approval letter.