Daniel Bello

Senior Environmental Scientist

Mr. Bello provides technical support to the E2PM Natural Resources Department for telecommunication, utility and land development clients. He has 33 years of professional experience, including 8 in the private sector and 25 years with the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection. 14 of his years at the Department were with the Division of Land Use Regulation, overseeing the permit process under the Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act Rules, Flood Hazard Area Control Act Rules, Coastal Zone Management Rules and Highlands Water Protection and Planning Rules. He specializes in wetland delineations and investigations, of which he has performed hundreds in every physiographic province of New Jersey. Mr. Bello has also delineated multiple times in Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia and Rhode Island. He has prepared and submitted hundreds of applications to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for permits under the aforementioned Rules, as well as Nationwide Permit applications to the Army Corps of Engineers. He also helps to conceive and prepare freshwater wetland and flood hazard area mitigation plans for regulatory approval. Mr. Bello’s experience in both the private and public sector afford him a unique perspective to understand client needs and regulatory oversite, thus assisting clients to positive regulatory outcomes. (daniel.bello@e2pm.com)