Aerial Survey and Maritime Archaeology

At E2 Project Management, LLC, we take pride in using new technology to get the job done. Technology achieves results in a fast, efficient manner and adds value to our client. This approach resonates across all disciplines from Land Development to Maritime Archaeology services.

One of our ongoing projects is to assist the Middlesex County Division of Historic Sites and History Services develop a maritime archaeological public outreach and interpretation program. The program is intended to help County residents learn about the County’s maritime heritage.

Our initial work began with a remote desktop review of the County’s navigable waterways. We searched NOAA, AWOIS, and old nautical charts for known wreck locations and reviewed old U.S. War Department and Army Corps of Engineers reports. This research found maritime targets which the County could investigate. In total, we identified well over 140 targets, some of which were visible at low tide.

Our most recent work involves chartering a survey vessel to document the targets by both handheld cameras and aerial drones. Background research on some of these targets revealed a rich history revolving around a former salvage and wrecking company based out of Perth Amboy, New Jersey. The company’s hulks plagued the County’s waterways during the firm’s operation while some still rear their ugly heads to this day by breaking loose from their not-so-final resting places. We are continuing our work with the County and hope to identify the stories behind more of these maritime targets in the months ahead.

Survey Team in front of the survey vessel (Left to Right): Ken Braswell (Shore Grafx, Inc.), Douglas Aumack (Middlesex County), and Mark Nonestied (Middlesex County). Photograph by Scott Wieczorek (E2PM).
View of Decomposing Ship Hulls
View of Piers and Bulkhead