Ridgewood Cemetary | Ridgewood, NJ Engineers
E2PM provided cultural resources services (archaeological and historic architectural) for a proposed telecommunications facility in Ridgewood, Bergen County, New Jersey. Following the requirements outlined in the 2005 Nationwide Programmatic Agreement for the construction of new telecommunication facilities and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, E2PM undertook an innovative.
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Public Utility Industry Environmental Permit & Compliance Support | Various Locations New Jersey Engineering
Since 2011, E2PM has been providing Public Utility Clients with support on a number of tasks associated with various projects throughout New Jersey. Ongoing support has included the preparation of documents, applications, review of engineering drawings, code review, and ordinance review for applications for projects of varying complexity. These.
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Tennesse Gas Pipeline (An El Paso Company) 300 Line Expansion Project | Pennsylvania and New Jersey Engineering
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, a subsidiary of El Paso Corporation is currently increasing the capacity of its 300-Line to transport new natural gas supplies, including newly accessed Appalachian and Marcellus shale gas. The 300-Line Project involves the installation of seven looping segments in Pennsylvania and New Jersey totaling approximately.
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The Hertz Corporation | Multiple Sites New Jersey Engineers
E2PM provides regional environmental management and support to Hertz Corporation at their headquarters in Park Ridge, New Jersey. The Hertz Corporation is the leading vehicle and equipment rental organization in the world, handling approximately thirty million reservations a year. Hertz operates in 7,700 locations in 145 countries worldwide. Hertz.
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500 High Street | Perth Amboy, NJ Engineers
A property at 500 High Street in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, once used by General Cable Corporation and as an industrial warehouse facility, consists of a multi-story, reinforced concrete industrial structure which is currently vacant and has been stripped by the current owner of all former building materials (scrap.
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NJ Schools Development Authority (NJSDA) | Millville Senior High School and Millville Lakeside Middle School | Millville, NJ Engineers
E2PM was prequalified to provide Site Environmental Consultant Services for the New Jersey Schools Development Authority (NJSDA) and was awarded various projects throughout the State of New Jersey. E2PM has been responsible for the preparation of Environmental Screening Reports (ESRs), which are used by the NJSDA as a means of.
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